This project is forked from handsontable/formula.js and it’s developed for everyone needs.


Original Formula.js project was developed and maintained by Ismael Chang Ghalimi, with support from STOIC and help from the following contributors: Ilmari Karonen, Sébastien Loisel, Trevor Norris, Roönaän, Hannes Stiebitzhofer.

It was then forked and extended by the handsontable/formula.js mainly contributed by @budnix.

Contributions and road map 2020

The road map in the coming month is to gather the improvements made in the main forks of the original project. If you forked and made changes to sutoiku/formula.js do not hesitate to propose a pull request with your changes.

To avoid any regression or miss calculation please provide unit tests as long as function improvements.

Site and library under construction

Feel free to propose updates.


Community built JavaScript implementation of most Microsoft Excel formula functions. Open to contributions and maintainers.